To become a leading company in producing and supplying natural botanical extract for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and wellness & spa industries by bringing maximum value to all stakeholders.




To produce and provide high quality extracts to loyal customers by applying technology innovation and maintaining customer’s satisfaction.


To create value by leveraging the Company’s much strength. These include its management and leadership, a strong and effective human resource team, a highly productive discovery capability and a unique company culture, high technology machinery assets.

To support our production and operation, we have an R&D laboratory where the tasks of innovation management, such as basic research, technology development, concept development, new product development, process development,  and become prototyping, formulation and customer specification analysis is performed. The laboratory utilizes several high standard equipment such as HPLC, GC and Microanalysis equipment.


PT Merpati Mahardika was established in early 90s as a trading company, which helps international cosmetic raw material manufacturer to reach Indonesian Market. Over a short time of period, PT Merpati Mahardika has progressively become a leader on manufacturing natural botanical extract.  MMNatures is a leading brand of natural botanical extract, manufactured by PT Merpati Mahardika. Further its expansion, its current scope of services includes international trading, raw material and finished product toll manufacturing for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and wellness & spa industries.


Initially, PT Merpati Mahardika was actually a small home industry. We are very pleased to see that it has expanded its wings so fast.  It now owns a five floor office residing in about 2500 square meters in west Jakarta and three factories, located in over 90,000 square meters in Tangerang, West Java.  In addition, it also invested in purchasing high technology equipment. It provides its product and services to more than hundred customers around the world. PT Merpati Mahardika keeps on recruiting young professionals, and improving management system.


PT Merpati will always implement technology innovation and commit to fulfill customer’s satisfaction and be loyal to its customers. PT. Merpati Marhadika is ready to provide its product and services to both “giant and “little guys” companies.  Everyone is welcome and respected.

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