Each food and beverage industry has different needs of extract forms. We serve our customers best by providing five forms of extracts which are base drinks, concentrate, liquid, and powder. All extracts are natural without any preservative added. These extracts can be applied to products, such as beverage, confectionary, bakery, ice cream, functional food and drink, baby food, milk product, savoury products, etc


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Trend of natural cosmetic is becoming bigger from years to years. Our natural extract is specifically made to fulfil the market demands. All extracts can be applied to various kinds of cosmetics, hair care, skin care, facial care, baby care, dental care, toiletries, deodorant, cosmetic/beauty, sun care products, feminime hygine products, etc


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Spa & Wellness

MM Natures also provides spa and aroma therapy products for hotel or spa centres. The products vary from essential oils, scrubs, maskers, massage oils, carrier oils, sea minerals, and mix essential oils


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New technologies and the good habit of every employees make PT. Merpati Mahardika continue to strengthen the growth of the company. The health benefit of extracts are endless, since they contain many natural ingredients that can be applied for public health. Our products have been widely used for many application, including external and internal medicine. Merpati Mahardika has recently developed new infrastructure for CPOTB, which is in accordance with the Indonesian goverment’s regulations.


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Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Humans like aromatic plants. When we pass a beautiful scented flowers, our behaviors shows that very clearly. The fragrance is enough to stop us in our tracks, make us forget our thoughts and bring our face nearer to the petals and inhale the perfumes. When we do, we forget all problems of the day for a moment and the world seems to be a simpler place. Gardeners love to touch and smell the herbs and aromatic grasses they grow themselves. Sniffing the aroma that cling on the fingers, such as pungent rosemary or peppermint, fresh lavender or tangy fennel will make us breathe deeply and feel relaxed

Where do the essential oils come from?

The magic of plants: Roots, Wood, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, Seeds, Peels

What are essential oils used for?

Perfumery, Food Flavoring, Pharmaceuticals, Aromatherapy


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Super Food

Superfood is a term for food that is considered to provide health benefits derived from a dense and special nutrional content. Superfood itself is more commonly found in vegetable form, but can also be found in animal form. It contains various nutrients, such as antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, essential fatty acids, folic acid, phytochemicals and other active substances. Superfood’s various nutrients is considered able to ward off various diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and digestive problems.

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